F Gustafson | Cinematic Music and Sound is the creative center of me, the composer Frank Gustafson. It is based on a single concise vision: Authentic music rises from genuine emotions and creative originality.

I started my creative career by graduating from the Dutch Film Academy in 1996.
Nearly all my life I have created music and since 2008 I have produced a professional library of music suited for film, TV, trailers, commercial video spots and computer games.

Music references: Dave Porter (Breaking Bad), Jóhann Jóhannsson, Atticus Ross, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel.

Creating original music in collaboration with an artistic director is one of my primary skills. I enjoy working with others on challenging projects, and I have often composed music based on a given vision or idea which other artists have given me.

All of the music items are original compositions of high quality, and have been professionally recorded using a combination of original samples and traditional instruments, creating a unique multi-layered effect of musical ambience which is the trademark of F Gustafson | Cinematic Music and Sound.

Projects music by F Gustafson

Kickstarter project:
Midgard Playing Cards.
by Design Imperator

N. Aaroe

Music by
F Gustafson 2016

The Kickstarter became a huge success.
378,725 DKK has been plegded of  85.000 DKK goal.

Midgard Playing Cards on Kickstarter

Kickstarter project:
30th anniversary of Chernobyl.

by Misery Development Ltd.
N. Aaroe

Music by
F Gustafson 2016

The Kickstarter became a success with £10,982 pledged of £6,500 goal

30th anniversary of Chernobyl on Kickstarter

24syv Dokumentar:

With the roots back in the analogue music F Gustafson is an experienced music artist and producer from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Around year 2000 he lived in Amsterdam and spent most of his spare time creating music and sound for dance and theatre performances.

In 2001 he quitted his dayjob as a professional cameraman and video editor in favor of a career as a music artist and producer.

After a few years of introspection and silence he created F Gustafson | Cinematic Music and Sound

By using unconventional recording and mixing techniques F Gustafson produces highly emotive scores, suitable for film, trailer and TV series.

F Gustafson’s music is mainly influenced by Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Dave Porter and Brian Eno.

Music showreel and presentation:

Music showreel featuring fragments of different tracks by F Gustafson.

The tracks merge seamlessly in and out and create a coherent music video with a surprising end.